Friday, December 6, 2019

Release 0.4

External PR

This was a very exciting project for me, it is a simple game that needs a lot of features and bug fixes to work on.  Since 0.4 required fixes more than what we did for 0.2, I decided to work on many features at once.

First Issue

While running the game I noticed all the label in the game was off or miscolored for the background 

It took some time to understand and read the code as there were no comments on any files. It took some time to fix it but once I understood the codes, it was easy to fix all the missing texts in the labels and changed colors accordingly.

Second Issue

I see that there is a lives feature to the game but unfortunately, it wasn't completed. I took some time to understand the method of this feature and tried to debug why it wasn't implemented well. IT took some time but it was easy to understand how he used a global life counter in the StartUp file and it was used to count life remaining. 

The method works such that for every key pressed, we would see if the letter is equal to the one displayed on the game and if it is not we can reduce life by 1. The life was represented as a heart on the bottom corner but it was never displayed as it was never checking for the right statement. 

Upon fixing this issue, this feature made and huge difference in the game. 

Third Issue

Once the life feature was updated, I decided to add an extra feature for the game, scores. Every game has to have a scoring system, If the game goes online, it would be more interesting to have scores to compete. I used the same technique as the author of the game to make sure it doesn't confuse other developers while contributing. Created a label to show the score at the end of each game and handled all the methods required for this feature.

So when the player answers correctly, they will be rewarded with a point and if they answer incorrectly, they would lose a point and a life. If they fail a level, they would see their score and the score will be reset to 0.


Once these features were completed, I tested for a few situations and tweaked it, even more, to run smoothly. 

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