Friday, November 22, 2019

Week2 - release 0.3

This week was not a good week for me, I had a viral fever and was unable to attend class for this week. But I was still in the hunt for an external and internal issue to work with. I came across a repo for GarageBot, it is an interesting project which uses .NET, Blazer server and Docker. 

I have never really worked with C# or Docker so, I thought it would be a good challenging project for me to work for release 0.3

I took up an issue: , and decided to work on this. But I came across many problems as I was unable to build the project or make it run in any manner. But I sat down and researched the topics and was able to fix the issue.

It was very different to work with C# but it was nice to work on a .NET project again.

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