Friday, November 8, 2019

Hunting for Projects

Release 0.3

Release 0.2 was not so great for me, it was hard for me to find a good project to work with. But I have my hope up and continue to find a bigger issue to work with for release 0.3. I am instructed to find a bigger problem than "good first issue", I have 3 weeks to find and fix the issue. This will be fun and hard as I would be able to find something really interesting to work with and also suffer from finding a good issue that I can work with.

Also with finding an external project to work with, I would also be able to collaborate with updating the Seneca-CDOT, Telescope project. This would be really interesting as all 60 students are working together for the project.

Issues for Internal Project

It was not that difficult to find an issue for the project but to find a very good issue for the project was tuff. Everyone suggested good ways to implement the project and I tried to find a bug that I thought would help the project in the future.

Issue #1 -

From my previous co-op position, I was asked to clean up the code as it had many vulnerabilities when compiled. The other developers used dependencies or modules which they later discarded but forgot to take it off the project. This let to a cluster of unwanted modules to the project and since I had to clean the project, I took me time to look through the project and ask people to understand if that module was used or not. So to avoid such a cluster of unused modules, I thought it would be nice to introduce .md file which would track all the modules being used and track and remove them if they are not required anymore.

Issue #2 -

As seen in other websites (like 9GAG), it would be nice to introduce tags and sections for posts. It will help the reader to find unique and post related to particular subjects and make it a very interesting user interface. As I was looking for issues to work with, I came across an issue to introduce liking features for a post, this feature will help us to classify posts to sections like Trending, Most Viewed, Most Liked, etc.

Finally, I am still in the hunt for an external project to work with, I hope I find one soon so I can start working on it but as for working with Internal project, it looks like we are going to have a lot of fun

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